Jacek Chrostowski, Ph.D., P. Eng., FEIC

President and Chief Strategy Officer

Jacek has over 30 years experience in various aspects of technology. He is co-founder and President  of Scheelite Technologies, LLC, a Nevada  company working on alternative power for wireless networks. Previously, Jacek was Vice-president Technology Strategy at Emcore Co.. From 1998 to 2003 his work at Cisco Systems included Technology Deputy, Optics in the Office of the Chief Technology Officer, and member of the University Research Board.  He serves on the Advisory Board of Signal Lake Venture Capital, and was Technical Editor of IEEE Communication Magazine from 2005-2010. Previous to that he had a distinguished career at the National Research Council of Canada, working over the years on optoelectronics, all-optical networks and their  applications. He published over 100 scientific papers, was awarded 7 US patents and co-edited 3 books. He has served on numerous international program committees and reviews of US NSF, US Congress, NSERC,  European Community and a number of  industrial Advisory Boards. He has M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering and PhD in Physics from Warsaw University of Technology in 1974.

Ashley Freeman

Director, Business Development

Ashley Freeman is an internationally recognized expert in precision agriculture, in particular in cherry orchards and vineyards operations, business development and IoT technologies for agriculture. He travels frequently to Yunnan Province, China to advise cherry growers and government agricultural departments there. After farming in South Africa on two parcels of over 250 hectares in diverse farming for over a decade, he immigrated to Canada in 2007. He pioneered a unique planting style for the Canadian cherry industry. He covers a broad range of technologies and business opportunities, starting from the ground up, to the premium carton on the export market, or the vintage of wine sought after by the discerning pallet.

Edward Frietman, Dr. Ir.

Director, European Operations

Edward is an Emeritus Professor of Computer Science from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and currently a member of the Editorial Board of International Journal of Modeling, Simulation and Scientific Computing published by World Scientific Publishing Co. His main areas of scientific activity have been focussed on opto-electronic processing & Networking, resulting in patents regarding a new generation of opto- electronic devices that can be exploited in Cloud computing and World Wide Web applications. Over the last years, Dr. Frietman has divided his time between Malaysia, Canada and Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, most recently as adjunct professor at California State University, exploring microelectronics industry processes and its uses in new applications. His Ir. completion in Electrical engineering and electronics and his doctorate in Computer Science were both obtained at Delft University of Technology at Delft, the Netherlands.

Advisory Board:

Mark Milinkovich

Mark Milinkovich is a Director at Hewlett Packard. Previously he was a Director, Business Development at Cisco with responsibility for the adoption of Cisco Services by global service providers for solution architecture services for data center/cloud, video, mobility and IP NGN infrastructure. Prior to joining Cisco Mark worked in early stage technology including photonic burst switching, terabit routing systems, and Quality of Service (QoS) protocols in start-up and F500 organizations. Mark is an accomplished executive having grown businesses from idea to multimillion dollar run rates.

Mansel W Griffiths, Ph.D.

Dr Griffiths obtained his BSc degree from North East London Polytechnic and his PhD from Leicester University. He joined the Hannah Research Institute, Ayr, Scotland in 1974. In 1990 Dr Griffiths was appointed to the Dairy Farmers of Ontario/NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Dairy Microbiology in the Food Science Department, University of Guelph. Dr Griffiths is also the Director of the Canadian Research Institute for Food Safety. In 2006 he was appointed Visiting Professor at Jinan University, China.
His current research interests include rapid detection of foodborne pathogens; factors controlling growth and survival of microorganisms in foods; and beneficial uses of microorganisms. Dr Griffiths has authored more than 300 peer-reviewed publications and appears on ISI HighlyCited.com. He has edited four books, including “Improving the Safety and Quality of Milk”, which was published in 2010.
Dr Griffiths is an Editor of Applied and Environmental Microbiology, an Associate Scientific Editor of the Journal of Food Science, a member of the Executive Editorial Board of Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, and serves on the editorial boards of several leading food microbiology journals. He serves on the Expert Scientific Advisory Committee for Dairy Farmers of Canada, the Canada IDF Coordinating Committee on Food Safety, and the Food Safety Committee of the Canadian General Standards Board. He served as chair of the International Advisory Board of “Biotracer”, an EU 6th Framework Project. He was the recipient of the International Association of Food Protection Maurice Weber Laboratorian of the Year for 2002. He served on the Ontario Meat Inspection Review, Expert Scientific Advisory Committee in 2004 and sat on the Expert Advisory Committee of the Listeriosis Investigative Review chaired by Sheila Weatherhill in 2009. He is a member of the Maple Leaf Foods Advisory Council and was recently appointed to the Health Canada Food Regulatory Advisory Committee.

Francis Nedvidek, Ph.D., P. Eng.

Developing & launching innovative technologies and business models in global markets.
Francis Nedvidek is a consummate Marketing, Sales, Business Development and Innovation catalyst, enabler and champion with substantial international residency. He his 20-years of experience covers the application of diverse electro-optical-mechanical-software-materials technologies (for example – LIDAR, multi-wavelength imaging and recognition, analog and digital sensors, machine vision, nanomaterials, data networking and IoT. He has worked in markets spanning Manufacturing Automation, Microelectronics devices and applications, Telecommunications, Medical Equipment, Plastics and Metrology.
Possessing a track record spanning C-Levels in $600 million divisions of multinationals (Raytheon, Leica, Black & Decker, Von Roll) to founder, VP and CEO positions for start-ups and nascent enterprises (Resonance Photonics Inc, Cube Optics AG, NanoXplore Inc.) achieving up to US$60 million exit valuations as well as a TSX Venture IPO.)
Francis Nedvidek empowers collaborative and multi-disciplined teams – bridging countries and cultures – to commercializes winning innovations and achieve faster time-to-market, shorter product cycle times and expand market share and geographic footprint. He has repeatedly and successfully deployed innovative technologies and novel business models and led change through orchestrating executing strategic partnerships and joint-ventures / M&A transactions (exceeding $200 million) enhancing value and accelerating top line and bottom line growth.

Kimberly McGrath, Ph.D., MBA

Kim has over a decade of experience in various elements of nano-technologies. She has a passion for emerging materials science technology and entrepreneuership, and facilitates bridging the gap between business and technical functions. As a subject matter expert in methanol fuel cells, Kim has developed reduced-cost catalyst and component technology to bring new demonstrations and products to the market. She has extensive experience in development of R&D and IP strategy for startup companies. She currently serves as a funded program manager at Maxwell Technologies, where she interfaces with various government agencies to build technology awareness and initiate new programs. Kim received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Southern California, and an MBA from the University of California, Irvine.